Nature is my Church

Damn, Lynne from stole the words out of my mouth on today’s challenge. I too am not a religious person for several reason which I will not elaborate here. However, I do believe in a “Higher Power”. Actually, I personally believe that everyone has their own definition of a “Higher Power”, whether it is … More Nature is my Church

Just Little Things

At the last minute, I’m completely rewriting today’s challenge that I have written earlier. As of right now, my simple pleasure is just being DRY. As many may have heard on the news and the internet, Southern California is getting slammed with the biggest storm of the season. For us in the Cajon Pass, the … More Just Little Things

I’m Thankful For…

The last three years has been the most challenging times for me. I don’t think I could have survived without those who walked and/or sat beside me during those difficult times. They were families, friends and even strangers. They all comes from different walks of life and each shared their experiences, strength and hope with … More I’m Thankful For…

Say Cheese!

I don’t know that if this count as a “Random Act of Kindness” but it means a lot to me when I offer to do this. So, I guess it can count. I learned a hard lesson when I was preparing the photos for my late husband’s memorial service. As I was sorting through all … More Say Cheese!

Old Faithful!

While on my solo motorcycle trip, I tried to hit as many U.S. National Park that was on my route. In total, I managed to visit 12 of them with the majority of them were in California, my home state. It wasn’t in my itinerary to try to hit as many of them I could. … More Old Faithful!

Philly Cheesesteak

When I go out to eat at a Sub Shop, I typically order a Turkey Sandwich with all of the healthy toppings. However, my absolute favorite sandwich is the Philly Cheesesteak. I’m quite picky about it. To me, the meat must be thinly sliced with grilled onions and pepper topped with provolone cheese.   I … More Philly Cheesesteak