DIY Crutch Jack

One of the tedious chore of maintaining a motorcycle is having to lube the chains every 300 miles. Of course, the mighty TW200 is one of the few dual sport bikes that does not have a center stand. Most people, just put the bike up on a motorcycle stand before heading out for a day … More DIY Crutch Jack

The Transformation!

A couple of months ago, I mentioned that I purchased a 2014 Yamaha TW200 with only 97 miles on it from Ed Tamayo of 2wheelridersschool.   After a long consideration, I decided to name her as “P2” since she is the second generation of the original Purple People Eater.  Plus, her new vinyl wrap will contain … More The Transformation!

Death by GPS

Today, I got my custom seat made for the TW200 by Seat Concepts.  The company is about sixty miles from where I live so it mean I had to go down the hill as us local calls it.  I live in the area called the High Desert which has an elevation of 4,000 feet and … More Death by GPS

Wish List

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and my family kept bugging me about what I wanted for my birthday.  I kept shrugging them off for a couple of reasons; one is that I don’t want or need to accumulate anything before my trip where I just have to put it storage for the … More Wish List

Motorcycle Luggage

After my last trip, I decided it was time to get a real luggage system before the next trip.  The home-made version worked for the time being but it wouldn’t last a year on the road.  I looked at a couple of luggage systems and I really like the Giant Loop bag but it was … More Motorcycle Luggage

Packing List…(a work in progress)

I attended the Overland Expo 2014 back in May which is an event is for the do-it-yourself adventure travel enthusiasts, with classes on 4-wheel-drive, adventure motorcycling, inspiration programs, round table discussion, demonstrations and tons of vendors on adventure travel gears, bikes, vehicles and services. I figured it would be a good short trip which is … More Packing List…(a work in progress)