Love/Hate Relationship with Chores…

The odd things about chores is that we hate doing it but feel satisfied when it is done. One of the questions I got asked during my trip was “Don’t you get tired setting up and breaking down camp everyday?”

At first it was frustrating, annoying and I dreaded having to deal with it. However, over time, it became relaxing and methodical. It helped set the day as I break down camp in the morning. When breaking down camp, it created an anticipation of what the day will become. The more I load the camping gears onto the bike, the more I get excited to hit the road. Of the times that I got to know my camping neighbors, many in the morning comes to say farewell or wish me luck, has offer to help me break down camp. I always respectfully declined because it mess up my madness to the method.

Then at night when I arrive at camp, it helps me unwind and recollect on the day that has occurred. As I set up camp, this where I draw the attention of the fellow campers. They slowly wander over hoping that they’re not intruding. Many of them ask where I came from and what type of bike I’m riding. When there are female RV’s camper watching, I always giggle because over time I came to expect them coming over to my campsite when they see me cooking dinner with the JetBoil. They always say “Oh honey is that all you’re eating?” And when I say “Yep” with a big smile. Then the next response is “Come over to our camp site, we have more than plenty of foods to share”. Man, I got fed very well on those nights.

So the chores that I hated in the beginning of the trip became a gateway of meeting new people. The best part of meeting fellow campers was getting tips of places to see along the way.

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4 thoughts on “Love/Hate Relationship with Chores…

  1. I keep hoping I’ll have an extended trip where I move camp. It is fun to set up! Breaking down has always been a bit more frustrating for me because I’ve usually been rushed and then pack everything sloppily. Nothing fits back where it came from and I can’t remember how I put it together anyway. So I think a daily experience would be terrific!

    It sure is fun meeting the neighbors wherever you go. Camping people are fun!

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    1. In the beginning, I had to ship things back 3 times that I didn’t use on the trip. Then I started confusing myself on which side panniers I put them in. Finally, I took a duct tape and list the items that goes in which panniers. That system worked out well for me. 🙂


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