Last weekend, I finally was able to get away and get recharged thanks to a dear friend.  When I first started learning how to ride a motorcycle again, my late husband joined the TW200 community forum to learn more about these bikes.  It was on this forum that we learned about a meet up and … More Rejuvenated

Patience please…

In the blogging world they say you should never skip a post but I sure don’t feel like writing today.  So forgive me if my post seems out of sort.  The last 11 months have been a world wind for me with traveling a lot for work and dealing with the estate.  I have been … More Patience please…

Wish List

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and my family kept bugging me about what I wanted for my birthday.  I kept shrugging them off for a couple of reasons; one is that I don’t want or need to accumulate anything before my trip where I just have to put it storage for the … More Wish List

Good Vibrations

As you may remember in a previous post about my writing style it was mentioned that I am deaf which has brought up a question from time to time by fellow readers asking how did I managed to learned to when it was time to shift the gears on a motorcycle if I can’t hear … More Good Vibrations