I’m Thankful For…

The last three years has been the most challenging times for me. I don’t think I could have survived without those who walked and/or sat beside me during those difficult times. They were families, friends and even strangers. They all comes from different walks of life and each shared their experiences, strength and hope with me.

I’m thankful for the pie maker in a small town of New Mexico for her story of perseverance in trying to make a go on her restaurant. Her story was to remind me to not give up on my dreams. I’m thankful for the travel writer, who gave me courage to become a blogger even though I was terrified of what other professional writers would think of my inability to be grammatically correct. I’m thankful for the complete strangers, who told me their stories of strength when battling cancer and surviving. I’m thankful for the caregivers, who show me how they never gave up hope and stood by the loves one until the end. I’m thankful for the camaraderie among the motorcycle communities. They gave me support and guidance before, during and after my journey. I’m thankful for my families who loved me and supported me during these difficult times. I’m thankful for my friends who waited patiently for me while I went on a journey to find myself again. To all of those I didn’t cover above and haven’t even met, I am thankful for you too.

I’m even thankful for Kathy of http://www.ToadMama.com for challenging us to the Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge (BBBC) 2017.

Remember, life is too short. Be grateful for moments you do have and follow your dreams.

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