Just Little Things

At the last minute, I’m completely rewriting today’s challenge that I have written earlier. As of right now, my simple pleasure is just being DRY. As many may have heard on the news and the internet, Southern California is getting slammed with the biggest storm of the season.

For us in the Cajon Pass, the wind came first. The wind has been averaging 30 to 50 mph with gust of 60 to 85 mph. Throughout the day, I would go and check on our horses to make sure that they were doing ok. At one point, I noticed that their shelter were starting to lift up. So, I went out to move them into the arena. It was a good thing that I did when I did, it just collapsed right after I moved them out.

As the day progresses, then came the rain. We realized that the horse shelter is to mangled to be able to fix it tonight. It might be too far gone to salvage it. As we try to find a solution to getting our horses under some kind of shelter so we can feed them. A friend of our offered to house them at her house but found out that our road is too slick to travel on. None of our neighbors had room in their barn. So our DIY solution was to load them up in the horse trailer.

This was no easy task to do while it was down right pouring out. Mark and I tag team this process. I fetch the horses and load them one by one. Then we had to dry them off before putting their blanket on. Then hang up their feed. Note to self, we should have hung the feed before we loaded them into the trailer.

Now, it is dark and the wind is still howling and the rain is pelting the windows. We won’t know until morning what further damage we will get. However, at least we are dry so are the fur babies. Just life simple pleasure.

Today is day 17 of the Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge (BBBC) 2017 hosted by Kathy at ToadMama.com

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