Flying Solo

The hardest part about this journey for me is trusting my own judgement. I’m very analytical by nature and loves to set goals. It is a lot of reasons how I was able to become a fully functional deaf person in a hearing world which isn’t always easy to do. Some people say that I’m stubborn or hard headed which is true but at least I’m not as bad as my father. As a child, I remember going Disneyland was like competing in a race. We had to be there an hour early and we would race through all of the rides at a fast pace. By the end of the day we were throughly exhausted.
One of the things I loved about Russ was his free spirited personality. He would easily get distracted by side roads and we never go where we intended to in the first place for the most part. I remember our first misadventure, it was right after he moved to the high desert and we decided to go exploring around the area in my car, a Toyota Corolla. Everything was going fine until we took a wrong turn on a road which ended up being quite sandy to the point where we got the car stuck big time. At the time, he was in a full leg cast after his horse accident, it was quite a scene watching him hobble around the back side of the car trying to shovel out the sand to put wood and board that we found to gain traction for the tires. Eventually, we were able to get the car out of the trouble spot. It was the first time and only time he got me flowers to apologize. Don’t knock him for not getting me flowers more often, I’m not a girlie girl who demand flowers for every occasions. Then anytime we set out for a trip, every time we come to a cross road, we would joke about our first misadventure and ask “Should we go left or right on Oak Road?”

So when I planned to set out this journey, I set my eyes on eleven old U.S. back roads that I would like to travel on due to the historical significance of them. Many has asked me what my itinerary is so they can follow me along or join up with me. Also, since being on the road, I have had many other offers of couch surfing by fellow travelers. However, some of them were significantly out of the way. Others were on the way but I sometimes took a detour to see other things on the way which bypass their destination. Their feelings got hurt when I detoured. I’m such a people pleaser that it bothered me that I hurt their feelings when it shouldn’t.

So the hardest part for me has been knowing whether I’m being too stubborn and sticking to the original planned route or if I’m being a pushover and pleasing people by detouring off of it. After Russ and I first misadventure, we learned how to balance each other out. We still had quite an adventure every time we hit the road but also we are more cautious about whether we should go down that road or not.  

At this point, I was really missing Russ, wishing that we could jointly decide which way to go. So, I decided to make a reach out call to a fellow solo rider and talk out my issues and feelings about traveling solo and to get his opinion on it. He has met Russ once at the Horizon Unlimited event. He reminded me that this trip is for me and not to feel obligated to do things that I don’t want to. If someone is offended then in the end that is their problem and not mine. He also mention that he imagine that since Russ passed away sometimes I might just want to be alone. So maybe I should ask myself what Russ would say and let the magic of the road guide me.  

So the next day, I decided to let the wind guide me and ended up doing the route that I originally planned and when something look interesting while on the road then I took a detour. I just have to keep reminding myself just to take it one day at a time.


17 thoughts on “Flying Solo

  1. I think your friend’s advice was brilliant and I am delighted to be able to follow you wherever you go – or don’t go! Ride on, adventurer – the road is yours to follow or lead as you wish!


    1. Sorry that I missed you too. Yes we had a great time and thank you for providing shelter during the storm…it was quite a show! I will be back again to visit…must do it more often. 🙂


  2. Good for you Gina!! Generally, I have found that adventures of this magnitude have a central purpose. Given my experience, I have also found, many secondary challenges present themselves.

    For me; doing what most people have never done, and what many people said I could not (likely) do was priority # 1.

    Secondary issues were many, but a few seem to come into play often. Not what I had expected, nor was I ‘comfortable’ dealing with.

    In sharing; you have put in place a scenario that puts a lot on your plate.

    I moved along on my adventures because completion was my primary goal. However, I quickly used that (in my mind) to justifying avoiding ‘other’ challenges that I did not ‘plan on facing’.

    Many opportunities are ‘Once In A Lifetime’. Little did I realize that feeling uncomfortable could be a great opportunity to grow.

    My opinion, my experience and my sharing of me…

    Spread your wings and SOAR……. take care and enjoy.. Gerry (mrgizmow)

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  3. Well said GineMarie.  It is your ride and take it where you point the front tire.  Of course it would have been nice to see you on your way by the northwest, but I totally get it that there is no way you can see everyone on the route as you do have places you need to make it to on time.  Love your notes and pics of your travels as I am sure the TW forum folks are right along with you in spirit. Love that pic from the rear.  Looks like you are the Queen of bag ladies on that bike.                  Hugs, Randall


  4. Gina, perhaps I a presuming a lot, or maybe I am getting caught-up in semantics. In my opinion, Russ wants you to do what works for you. And would be enhanced in feeling he shared with you experiences that would help you in your adventure.
    Just ‘my’ thoughts. Gerry


  5. I believe there is magic in the road and it does speak if you take the time to listen. It may be Russ whispering or intuition from some other higher power. Regardless, it sounds as if you’re well on your way to finding those lessons. Best wishes for safe miles ahead on your journey.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks


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