Mommy, Mom, Mother, Mama

‘Cause meanwhile back at Mama’s
The porch lights on, come on in if you wanna
Suppers on the stove, and beer’s in the fridge
Red sun sinking out low on the ridge
Lyric by Tim McGraw

It wasn’t until the kids were all grown up and out of the house before I started riding a motorcycle again. For me as being a single mom, my two children were front and center in my life. It was challenging enough working forty plus hours, running them from one sport activity to the next. I had the kids young in life and knew that there would be time later in life to enjoy the simple pleasures for myself.  

As I think back on the times of when I was raising the kids, the one thing I noticed how the word “mother” has evolved as the kids got older. It went from being “mommy” when they were a toddler to being “Mom” in their pre-teen stage. Then to the infamous “MOTHER!” when they were in high school to now where the kids, who are now parent themselves call me “mama”.  

It strange how all of these words technically mean the same thing but how it is used which represents the different terms of endearment toward their mother.

Now, It’s amazes me how life circle back around when now my children are calling me up for advice on how to be parents with their own children. Gone are the days of self-doubt if I raised them to be independent, respectful and strong. I did okay by them.

Now, my grandchildren calls me Gigi since there are too many grandmothers in their lives. I hope that the strength, hope and courage that I imparted onto my children will be pass down onto their children.

Remember, life is too short, enjoy every minute of it.

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