Here’s Your Sign

“Here’s your sign”

Why can’t they get the picture?

Why don’t they understand?

We’re not dealing with the planet of apes,

We’re talking about the modern man.

Here’s your sign.

Here’s your sign

Lyric by Bill Engvall

Today challenge is to post three pictures that I haven’t posted before. While on my trip, I would blog once a week about the journey. Then to let everyone know that I was still alive and well, I would post a picture daily on Instagram.

So cruising through all of the pictures I took on the journey, I took some pictures of street signs that make you do a double take. Then remembering back, I realized that there were some signs that I did not take the time to stop to take a picture of them. Now, I wished that I did take the time to do so.

Here are a couple of signs that I did take the time to take a picture of. . .

Umm, remember to look both way before crossing the street. You just might get hit by a car.
Umm, should I eat healthy or not?


Umm, sorry, my mind is in the gutter on this one!

Okay, I can’t stop at three…here is two more that I have already posted but goes along with the theme. (Remember, Kathy said that there are no rules to this challenge)


Umm, is this a sign for me or for the cow?


Umm, really? A sign in the middle of the desert?

Today is day 8 of the Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge (BBBC) 2017 hosted by Kathy at

Here’s your sign!




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