The Smallest Act of Kindess!

                                           “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”                                                                               – Ronald Reagan

The definition of philanthropy is the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money or time for a good cause.

The only thing I disagree with the definition above is the word “generous”. For a long time, I could not donate money to any charity organization but I always volunteer my time. Whether it is for an hour or for eight, it is something more than they had before.
For me, it started sixteen years ago, the bank I worked for always donated toys for the holiday to a local organizations in the community. One day, the bank sent out a memo asking for volunteer to help out with the Rubber Duck Race fundraiser for one of the local organization called McKinley’s Children Center. 
McKinley’s was founded in the 1900’s providing cares for orphaned, homeless and abused boys. As the organization grew so did the needs of the children in the community. Now, they provide the following services for boys and girls in the community such as Foster Care and Adoptions, Mental Health services and Residential Care with a Special Education school.
I was so impressed with the organization, now I volunteer one day every year for the Rubber Duck Race fundraiser. I even planned my trip so I would be in area at the time of the event so I could continue my tradition of volunteering at this event. My annual duty is collecting the rubber ducks out of the water (over 10,000 of them). I wear the proud badge as the “Duck Collectors”.
That has been the only charity organization that I volunteered for so while on my trip, I made a pit stop to meet with Ron Grace and his family to learn more about his charity organization, Lost for a Reason. Lost for a Reason started over fifteen years ago when he and his wife were broken down on the Navajo Reservation and met with Officer Darryl Curley of the Navajo Police Department. While they waited for help with the motorcycle, Darryl told them the problem and the culture of the Navajo. This planted the seed of how they can help by providing personal items, playground and repairing shelter homes.  

While chatting at the dining table, I asked Ron if they’re going to be at the Horizon Unlimited California event and he said that unfortunately due to budget constraint that they’re unable to make it. I told him that I would be happy to volunteer my time for his organization on his behalf since I am heading back to California and will be there in time for the event. He was elated and will check with the organizer to see if he still can set up a booth at the event and let me know.

Well, I heard from him a couple of days later advising that the organizers are excited that I will be able to continue the promotion of Lost for a Reason cause. So if you’re attending the Horizon Unlimited event in Yosemite, California on Sept. 24th through the 27th, be sure to stop by the booth and say hi.


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