Double Take?

dou·ble takenoun – a delayed reaction to something unexpected, immediately after one’s first reaction.

Have you ever gone on a ride and did a u-turn just to see if you really saw what you think you saw?

Last weekend, I went on a ride through Joshua Tree National Park with a group of fellow TW200 riders and on the way to Eureka Peak, we stumbled upon a street warning of the curves up ahead.  Really?!?!, didn’t we just ride through a bunch of curves already and what’s the heck is a street sign doing in the middle of the desert?  The only theory I have is that someone sued the government for not warning about the curve up ahead  and they were willing to comply so they won’t get sued again.


So I decided to go through my photo archive to see if I could find any other odd signs or attractions that we have stumbled upon over the years.

This picture below didn’t come out very well but it a street sign that reads “Hollywood” and “Vine”.  Uh?  I thought we were in Borrego Springs, CA and not in Hollywood, CA.  I wonder who took the time and money to put this one out here in the middle of nowhere.


These Concrete Dinosaurs can be found in Apple Valley, CA.  Apparently, in the 70’s, the owner of the property, Lonnie Coffman, had a dream of owning a miniature golf course began building these concrete dinosaurs but apparently his dream never came to fruition.


Here is a stuffed moose located on Hwy 247 in Lucerne Valley, CA.  The coat of this moose has seen better days but it is out here in the desert 24/7.  I couldn’t find any information on this moose as to how he came about or what his story is all about.


Last but not the least of the odds things on the roadside is the Airmail boxes.  Apparently, they’re everywhere.  The first time I heard about them was on another motorcycle blogger website; and just recently I stumbled across one on Hwy 247 in Lucerne Valley, CA as well.

AirMail (1)

Apparently, there are many more roadside oddities up here in the High Desert of California.  I guess it is time to start exploring some more to find them. Do you have any pictures of roadside oddities that you had to do a double take?

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