My 15 minutes of fame

About a week ago, I got a comment on my blog from a reader who has invited me to be a guest writer on the Stand Up To Cancer blog to help promote the upcoming American Cancer Society viewing party that I will be attending on Friday September 5th in Apple Valley, CA.


I was shocked and honored that someone thought I was a good enough writer to warrant such an invitation.  You got to remember I still struggle with my writing skills due to my hearing impairment.  I worry too much about what others might think of me trying to compete in a world of professional bloggers who have had years of literary training.  So when they asked me, it felt like someone from Hollywood asking a down and out writer for their script.

They asked me to write something personal, emotional and uplifting.  In addition to that, why and who I’m standing up to cancer for.  I pondered for a bit and re-read all of my previous posting in my blog and noticed that even though I intended the blog about me standing my own two feet through a motorcycle trip, I noticed a recurring theme in my blog seems to be about “Experience, Strength and Hope”.  So I sat down and started writing my own story of on that theme.  It was the longest page I wrote so far but realize that I was only allowed 350 words so I had to cut a lot out.

Even though it was the easiest to write once I got started but it was the hardest for me to hit the submit button to send the email out.  My self doubt started to kick in thinking that my story isn’t good or inspiring enough to share with the world.  Then I got a visual flash in my mind that my late husband tapping his finger on my nose and looking straight into my eyes to remind me that I need to give myself more credit than I do which he used to always do when I’m doubting myself.  So I finally hit the send button.

Waiting to hear back from them was nerve racking but they finally responded. They loved it but wanted me to add a couple of more paragraphs of how we got into riding motorcycles and why I’m standing up to cancer.  After those were added, it was published on the websites.  Now I can say that I have had my 15 minutes of fame.

To view the article click on the link below:

So here I am standing up to cancer in memory of my husband, Russell E. Austin, my sister in law, Phyllis Musella and my friend Charlene Olson who all lost their battle to cancer.

You can either join me by attending a viewing party nearest you, watch the telecast on TV or taking a moment of silence on Friday, September 5th for those who are still fighting their battle against cancer.

If you feel like you need to do more then feel free to make a donation to Stand Up To Cancer by clicking on the link below:

11 thoughts on “My 15 minutes of fame

  1. Gina, you’re awesome for striking out in both riding and writing, both of which you are really great at and, I might add, public speaking at Horizons Unlimited – thanks for being part of my motorcycle gear panel! – and anything else you put your mind to. And and and! Sometimes I think that life is just one “and” after another, but often the “adding tos” require some shedding, some from outgrowing and some from tragedy. Your message is universal. I’m so glad you’re sharing. Love, Carla


    1. Carla, I wouldn’t haven’t gotten this far without your faith, support and encouragement to start blogging. It amazing how the direction for the blog changed from when we first met at the Horizon Unlimited for our little cult bikes to more about grieving, motorcycles and finding my own two feet again.

      Love, Gina


  2. Gina, You are my hero. if you get near me on your travels (north central Arkansas) I have room and board, a garage and lots of help ready for you if you need or want it.
    Cheers , Dan


      1. I look forward to that, Russ told me once that you two were planning to come to Missouri not far from where I am in Arkansas, I was planning to meet up with you back then.


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