Adrenaline, Decision and Perception….oh sh*t!

We interrupt your regularly posting of twowheelstwofeet motorcycle blog for the latest breaking news… On Tuesday, August 16th, sometimes after 11:00 am, I looked out my window and noticed that there is another plume of smoke to the south of me.  Sh*t…not another fire! We’re just wrapping up from the Pilot Fire near here which … More Adrenaline, Decision and Perception….oh sh*t!

Leap of Faith

Today is my official last day of work after eleven years with the same company.  Wow, I can’t believe that the day is actually is here. Just the other day, I was talking to a friend of mine and she mentioned that it seems like it was yesterday when we were talking about the trip … More Leap of Faith


Sigh, the next two weeks, I’ll be going through withdrawal of not being able to ride my motorcycle.  I’m on a business trip training our new employee who will be taking over my job.  This meant I had to leave my motorcycle back at home and rent a car so I could pack up all … More Withdrawal

Stepping Stones

As I pack for my trip down to Baja California for the week, I just realized that the last three months have been a stepping-stones toward my journey in May in so many different ways. Such as the day I broke down in Yosemite with a broken throttle cable. Actually, that day meant a lot … More Stepping Stones

Promises to keep…

I struggled writing all of my life and I really hated taking the required English classes in high school.  Well that was until my senior year where I had to take an American Literature class which was taught by Mrs. Sharma.  She made learning fun and was the only teacher that recognized that I was … More Promises to keep…