“Make New Friends”

Make new friends, but keep the old

One is silver and the other gold. A circle is round, it has no end

That’s how long I want to be your friend. Here is my hand, and here is the other

Let’s put them together and we have each other.

The other day, a friend of mine made a comment how fortunate that I was to have many friends who are conspiring together to help me have a successful journey! This reminded me of an old Girl scout song that I used to sing and taught to my daughter as well in Girl Scout. It’s called “Make New Friends” and according to Wikipedia that Juliette Gordon Low, the founder of Girl Scout found this song from the Kent County Song Book. This book contained folk songs from the British Isles. Ever since Russ and I acquired the mighty Tdub (aka TW200), we have been gaining new friends from all walk of life through these little bikes. In the past, we would not go on group rides because we were easily distracted by the endless side roads which could mean new adventures lie ahead for us but being stuck in a group ride means that we’re stuck on a set itinerary. However, one day we decided to bite the bullet and try out the TW200 group ride through Joshua Tree. This is where we met Jeff and Ron who became a lifeline for him and for me after he passed away. In fact, after Russ passed away I acquired hundreds of brother-in-law. They all step up to the plate in helping me selling the motorcycles, covering the funeral expenses and getting my bike ready for this trip. I could not have done it without their generosity of time, parts and moral supports. When I started planning for this trip a year and a half ago, I started attending the Horizon Unlimited and the Overland events to get educated about the life on the road, I met amazing people who have been traveling all over the world on a motorcycle and some of them have written about their journey. One in particular is Carla King, Russ and I met her at our first Horizon Unlimited event back in 2013. She was fascinated with our little bikes and the all of the modification we have done with our bikes. That is where she originally suggested that we start a blog about our bikes, the mod we have done and the tools we made to be frugal in our spending. However, at the time I too afraid to write the blog know that my writing skills were not up to par with the writers that are out there. When I met her again at the Overland and once she heard about my plan for the year-long trip, she once again encourage that I blog about my trip. This is where I got braved enough to tell her about my hearing impairment and how it hinder my writing skills. That is where she suggested I create a sticky about my writing styles and then not to worry about others might think about it. So here I am on the journey of a lifetime and sharing to the world the trial and tribulation of it all. Then I can’t forget my three girlfriends, Kelly, Christine and Janet who has been through it all with me since childhood. Sometimes life don’t allow us to get together often enough. However, when we do get together, we always pick up where we left off as if we never had a gap.     There are too many other new friends that I have met along the way to mention here. However, all of them have been my guiding angels on this trip. When a particular situation arises, I can alway hear one or the other talking in my head to give me the guidance or moral support to get through the situations. I’m sure that there will many more people who I will meet along the way to give me the experiences, strength and hope on my journey.

15 thoughts on ““Make New Friends”

  1. This is going to be a great journey…may God and his blessing and good health and no TW problems be with you for the remainder of the trip.


  2. Ever since we met I’ve been amazed that your tenacity, strength, and courage that you have on taking the journey that you are now on.
    To say nothing of our friendship, it doesn’t surprise me at all not one bit on the friendships that you have made.
    And as you know I wish you well …


  3. I,m following your blog and look forward to reading it each week. Your living a dream only a few could even imagine doing. You touch me with your courage and strenght and determination to follow that dream and live it, where ever it takes you. You are embracing the adventure and will ever so be enriched by it.Can’t wait till you come to SD–know you have a place to stay. I pray each day for you to be safe, enjoy and live life to its fullest purpose you are created to be. On to the nexts week adventure. Esther


  4. Looking good chica! Hope all is really well and you’re having fun! Don’t forget a recipe or two…I KNOW you’re finding at least SOME good food along the way. 🙂

    And maybe try your video gizmo soon.

    Love you!


    1. Hey Allison…I tried the video gizmo on the Apache Trail and throughly messed up. This weekend, my son is coming up to meet me and he is going to show me how to work it better. So soon, there will be a video out there for your viewing 🙂


    1. Oh I think so too Dan. Even a leaving a trail of conversation with people. Yesterday when I stopped in Solvang, I took a break and had some ableskiver and chatted with a lady about my travel and how short life is.


  5. Hi Gina, thank you for capturing your adventure in pictures and your impressions in beautiful script. I hope that you will consider publishing a book of your sojourn as there are many women that would like to read from a feminine perspective of adventure riding and the trials, tribulations, and countless random acts of kindness that are a part of personal growth. You are an amazing person and as you travel the miles I can’t help but think that you are blossoming into an even more courageous and confident woman. You are limited in your capabilities only by what you choose to limit.


  6. Hi Gina,
    We met today at the boat ramp at Nick’s Cove on a Tomales Bay. (Remember Hog Island and Piglet?). Thanks for sharing your story. I will be following your journey on your blog. I am inspired to pursue my own adventures. Godspeed,



  7. Gina, met you at Lake Gogebic MI in July. We are back in Florida now, but feel blessed that our paths crossed. So enjoyed our evening dinner and campfire. You are an amazing woman. Following your blog!


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